Eunichx Command Creation How-to

Command: This is the command itself. "cowsay" and "d" are commands, for example.
Usage: The way the command should be executed-- "ls [-rRx] file" is a good example. Leave out the command name.
Syntax: This is the most important and complex part. This is the URL used to access a tool or search engine.
In this, substitute where the search query goes with the text "ARGUMENTS".
If you're using a tool, you can substitute arguments with "ARGUMENTONE", "ARGUMENTTWO", so on an so forth.
Here's an example (Searx):
Here's a more complex example of a tool (random):
Defaults: This contains the default values for a command. For example, let's say for the "random" example above needs the defaults of 1 for argument one, 1 for argument two, and 0 for argument three. You would set Defaults to:
Don't forget the trailing comma!
Description: Just a basic, human-readable description of your command.
Email: Totally optional-- only the username will be public (the domain name, everything after @, will be omitted).
This is mainly so that when user accounts are implemented, you will be able to edit your commands easily. And you get credit. :)
Captcha: Type in the captcha, you dope!

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